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Carrie Kohan

Your Soul Coach

Unlock Your Belief Blocks & 'Let Your Light Shine On'
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Have you ever wondered,

'why are we here?'

and 'what happens when we die?'

Then this book is for you!

Carrie Kohan's

The Five Lessons of Life

TOP International #1 Amazon Hottest Release for 11 weeks Running!

#1 Most Gifted Book on Amazon for 11 weeks Running!



Available in 11 Countries!


I have never recommended a book to read and I was very apprehensive in reading this book called The Five Lessons in Life by Carrie Kohan a good friend of mine.

First I did not want to have to lie to her and say the book was good or not and if you ever want to start a argument in a social gathering just bring up Spiritural issues or political issues. I placed a picture of my self with the book to represent a timeline when I to began furthering my own spiritual journey that coincides with Carrie book.

I am very pleased to say that I give her book a 9 out of 10 as I read it in two session and was captivated by the context and in this case give me a better understanding of death experiences by a women who has created 14 new case law to protect children in Canada and raised the age from 14 to 16 for consent sex in Canada.
Look at page 163 in her book as the list of awards she has received is to long to retype on FB. The question we need to ask ourselves is what have we provided to make a positive change in Humanity? Now go order the book at Amazon.ca and enjoy the read. Be blessed.

- Entrepreneur, Builder, Contractor

My hair on back of my head tinkled when I read the last chapter. Awesome book. Open my eyes to a better life. Thank you. You've helped me greatly!

Retired Canadian Forces

30 yrs Military - Active Service

I just received your book in the mail today but my sister grabbed it and is just finishing chapter 11 she can’t put it down! She absolutely loves it and is constantly giving spoiler alerts!! I should have taken video so funny. I can’t wait to read it too!


Registered Nurse - AB Health Care

(This is the video Lisa and her sister made as a reenactment of their conversation of how Donna claimed the book - and STILL hasn't given it back! Ha Ha!)

Get Your Book or Kindle Here!
Choose Your Country

Last evening, I sat down to read the first few pages of, "The Five Lessons of Life". Before I knew it, I was wiping tears away from my eyes as I finished the last word on the final page. If there's one topic that captivates me more than anything else, it is near-death experiences.

As the host of the SpiritWoke Podcast, I've read many accounts and have spoken to many people who have lived through NDEs.

I can say with 100% confidence that Carrie's story is one of the most compelling, heart-warming, and elaborate accounts yet.

If you're reading this review, you--like me, most likely have an intense curiosity about what the "afterlife" is like. And this book delivers a beautiful view of what Carrie experienced.

Additionally, Carrie passes on much of the wisdom she learned on the "other side" to help us live more meaningful and purposeful lives here on earth.

It is with absolute pleasure I recommend, "The Five Lessons of Life".


Hi! I'm 

Carrie Kohan

Carrie Kohan is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose written words have touched the world in profound ways. Carrie is Native Canadian (Metis, both Cree and Ojibwe) and has spent much of her life seeking answers, spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Carrie experienced two deaths in 1992 and '93 which are the basis of your book... where she had her subsequent Conversations with both Creator and the Counsel of Men.


The book that emerged from those encounters 'The Five Lessons of Life' is now available in 11 countries via Amazon; with Target online, and several bookstores are picking it up now such as Munro's Books in Victoria, BC. The 5LOL has become an International Best Seller! And remains #1 and #2 on Amazon's Top New Releases! And is #10 in the Gift Idea List - for over 24 weeks now!!! The Five Lessons of Life has touched countless lives for the better!

As a Spiritual Soul Coach, Carrie Kohan has worked with over 10,000 clients 1:1... Especially those wanting to take their lives to the next level - personally, emotionally and financially. 

Whether you want to say goodbye to old patterns, habits, fears, self-sabotage, doubt, or any sense of unworthiness... Carrie can help you let go with ease and grace, and say hello to your New Ideal Self - The Unstoppable YOU!

Let Carrie help you with her proven techniques and programs that have literally transformed 10's-of-thousands of lives since 1993! We'll take you from the feeling of being lost or trapped to the person you always knew you could be - but just didn't know how to get there! 

Carrie will get straight to the cause of any blocks which have held you back from your ultimate success! And through her original and unique programs - such as TFP - Trans Future Pacing; the 5 Lessons of Life; Empath-Warrior's 7 Steps; and The Infinity Method... Carrie Kohan will help you soar once and for all!

Often people come to Carrie as a last resort! They've tried all conventional coaches, mentors, therapists, or have even taken medications to mask their emotional pain... They are ready to take charge and change their lives! They just want to let go of all the crap from their past and move on! Often, they don't know WHAT it is that's holding them back - they just want it gone! They strive for a healthy body, mind, soul, career and relationship(s)! And Carrie helps them get there! FAST!

Intuitive Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner NLP, Child Psychology Expert, Int'l Best Selling Author and Speaker

Kohan is a 4th generation Aboriginal Metis Mystic, (clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant). But she's also the first in her very long line of Seers to combine the family's gifts of intuition, with her Master NLP Practitioner designation and training as a Peak Performance Specialist. Carrie is also a Federal Government Witness and renowned International Expert on PTSD and Child Sexual Abuse.

Her work is not religiously-based - it is however spiritually-based. It is open to all belief systems including those who consider themselves atheists (as she once did).

During your Soul Coaching Sessions, Carrie Kohan will simply tap into your energy field and 'read' what is best for you - giving you channelled guidance, and if called for, she will share some easy exercises designed to provide you with extraordinary results! 

There is a reason Carrie has been coined by the media as 'the Barbara Walters of Mediumship'... It's because almost immediately, Carrie finds your root block(s) and helps you release them, leaving you with tears of relief and joy...

To book a session with Carrie, sign up today, and let's get you started on your new path of self-discovery!


From Empaths to Entrepreneurs!

Our Clients Are Everyone...

Mother of the Year


Let's open up the conversation

and discover the NEW YOU! 


The Five Lessons of Life Online course


This online course is based on Carrie's International Best Selling Book called 'The Five Lessons of Life!


It's a Life-Changing and  Transformative Program! One that you will look back on with a deep sense of satisfaction.

With approx 16.5 hours of content, it is chock-full of nuggets of wisdom and insights that are designed for Speed Healing & Rapid Metamorphosis!

6 month

vip program


For the more Discerning Personality, Executive, Entrepreneur, and Top Achiever!

we offer a

FULL 6 Month Program!

1:1 with Carrie Kohan!


Unlimited Readings!

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let's begin!

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Learn How To



"Can't wait! When I learn how to bend and twist spoons,

I know this will open up my mind to even Greater possibilities!


I can do ANYTHING in life!'

Lois - Entrepreneur

Have you ever Dreamt of Becoming an Alchemist? Or wanted to learn how to bend stainless steel like it was butter?

Learn how...

with Carrie's step by step instructions of how to bend a spoon or fork!

If a petit 4'11", 55 year old woman can do this, you can too!

Thank you to our Clients!
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