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Carrie Kohan

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Interviews with Carrie

"Carrie, you are the Barbara Walters of mediumship, because no one leaves the chair without crying! (And healing by letting go of past pain) Thank you again for all you've done for me and my family! So Grateful"


"I had searched the Internet for a Medical Intuitive/Healer but did not find any that I found to be credible so I was very happy to have a personal referral [W. Brett Wilson.] ... Carrie was able to immediately make me feel comfortable and confident in her ability. She has an incredible ability to make her clients/patients relax and discover their underlying challenges. ... I feel like a different person after seeing her. I’d highly recommend her."

Doug B.
Founder of FROGBOX

"I was a true skeptic! But no longer! Carrie has made a believer out of me. She's told me about trips abroad I would make, who I'd meet, what contracts I'd be given, and how it would play out. ALL of it has since come to pass exactly as she described it to be. Frankly, it's amazing to me the gift she has, and she's been accurate each and every time!​"

Retired Col.
Canadian Military

"....amazing transformations are occurring and I must thank you for your guidance, faith and encouragement!! You were spot on, ... I registered for my first year in massage therapy, and against all odds, the high school transcripts were acceptable, the baby sitting I was so worried about has come together, and the $ I did not have for the course materialized in the form of a gift!!!! ... It is amazing! I have you to thank, for literally saving my life. Carrie, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! xoxo"

Stay-At-Home Mom (And soon to be SPA Owner!)

"Carrie, you are a God-send in what you do and how you have been gifted with kindness, love, friendship, and the amazing ability to help people heal themselves from the thought of suicide, depression, and utter despair. I was feeling thoughts of suicide and asking for my life to be taken so I wouldn't have to feel the pain, shame, and blame of my life anymore. ... You knew what I was feeling and you opened my eyes to see the amazing qualities, life, and people who love me so much! ... my life has turned around! I've gone back to University and am on a whole new path."


"When it comes to FREEDOM MASTERS Workshops! One can NEVER forget the people you meet there! Like-minded, goal oriented, super duper dreamers with purpose! I know I'm now part of this team and support network. Love yourself enough to make the commitment to give a weekend of your life to the best cause ever!! YOU!!! PS: I learned invaluable lessons on how to find peace within myself, and how to open my heart to everything around me. My life is simply brighter and full of <3 <3 <3"

Self Employed Entrepreneur - Healing Horse Therapy

"I wasn't at all sure of what to expect before meeting Carrie ... I was a bit nervous and apprehensive. ... after our time together I certainly have a clear vision of the direction I choose for my life. All that Carrie shared with me was accurate and positive. I highly recommend a session with Carrie ... [for] clearer insight into your life."

Project Manager

"Hi Carrie, Just had to tell you that since the reading I lost my fear of the surgery, and they called today and moved it up to October 25!! (it's scheduled earlier - just as you called it!) You were so right again!! You are so awesome!! Thanks!!"

Gov't Employee

"I took the Weekend Workshop - FREEDOM MASTERS 101. The weekend literally changed my life forever. I learned how to completely forgive. I learned so much about myself and my gifts and talents. I would say I went to that weekend interested and I came away awake, aware, invested, healed, whole, and with an exact gameplan for the rest of my life. I use the tools I was taught that weekend everyday. If you are wondering whether you should take this or not I have two words for you....take it!!"

Paula Hopwood
Inspirational speaker, coach, leadership trainer at The John Maxwell Team

The Five Lessons of Life

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