Carrie Kohan


Your Soul Coach


Unlimited (Mini) Readings! 

Yes, You've Heard Right!

Every single day for 1 FULL YEAR

You can text Carrie a question, and she will respond

within 24 hours, with a recorded personal video message for You!

This Offer is ideal if you:

  • want a quick answer to your question

  • need some counselling

  • want to check in with your Spirit Guides for confirmation

  • are curious when your Love will show up!

  • have a 'Yes' or 'No' question that you need to be answered

  • need clarity about your financial direction

  • are searching for a greater sense of balance in your life!

  • or you may just need some sisterly or even motherly advice... 


Carrie charges $350/hour...

So for the price of a 3-hour session,

you can have a FULL Year of Readings and Insights!


You can contact Carrie with a 

Question Each and Every Day!*

* Except selected Holidays

You simply write Carrie with your question via facebook messenger

and she will send you a Personal Mini-Reading!

She will use several ways to do a Readings or Healings for you!

She may pull 1 - 3 cards; channel; use her sight; pray with/for you if you wish;

use a dowser, read a photo that you've sent her,

or use gemstones to help you in your inquiry

Carrie will record a video message for you within 24 hours

Does this sound good to you?

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If taken advantage of daily - for one full year,

The Value of this Program is approx.

€41,477.46 (euros)

Your Actual Cost Today:



$1,111.00 (CAD)

(As little as $3.05 cad / Reading)