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Carrie Kohan

'Actions speak louder than words'

Abraham Lincoln

I've worn so many hats in my lifetime! In fact, I'd have to say, I have a Masters in the art of Falling Down 7 Times, Getting Up 8 - and have the skinned knees to prove it! It is through the lessons learned that I became known internationally as a Seer, Sage, and Soul Coach!

With over 10,000 1:1 Sessions under my belt, the clientele range from Celebrities and Royalty to Stay-at-home Parents, Military Personel, Social Workers, Entrepreneurs and First Responders. It has been an honour to work with each and every individual. To look into their life-lines and truly understand their Soul's purpose. To witness their pains and pleasures and to help guide them through their questions and tribulations... Helping them find their own direction with a gentle word, and helping hand.

So what makes me qualified to help you?

  • Metis (Cree & Ojibwe) Mystic

My gift of being able to 'See' things started early!


I was born to a beautiful Aboriginal Mother from the Reservation in Sioux Lookout ON - Shibogama First Nations Tribal Council.

I AM 11th Generation Female Explorer, Trendsetter, and Gifted Seer.

One of my ancestors Marie-Antoinette Lefèbvre Limousin travelled from France in 1671 at the age of 18 to start a new life. Unlike most of the Fille du Roi's (who were peasant girls), Antoinette was a true 'King's Daughter'... She was one of many illegitimate children of King Louis XIV and decided to venture to the 'New World' on her own - leaving her mother and 'father' behind. 

Like my ancestor, I've also travelled into new worlds! Just recently, I've moved from Canada back to Europe and currently live in the Algarve, in Portugal.

I've also been a trendsetter by speaking out while others were silent. I've moved so many times purely based on intuition, that many now call me a gipsy!

And like my ancestor, I've been an entrepreneur since a very young age and became a 'self-made' independent woman at the age of 19 when I began to invest in Real Estate and rental properties.











(Image of the Fille du Roi landing on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in 1670's)

  • Near Death Experiencer (twice)

The International Best Seller, "The Five Lessons of Life" is about the two times I died.  It was after returning from the 'After-Life' that I began to trust in my inherited gifts that much more! 

I began to change laws, and after working with over 3500 victims of CSA and their families, I developed PTSD from hearing (and feeling through my gift/curse) countless traumas. After changing so many laws, I felt driven to help the victims because medication and long term psychoanalysis was not appearing to be effective for those I helped counsel through the legal system. So I Founded Freedom Masters and the rest is history! 

I have been able to combine my years as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Peak Performance Athletes; Top Corporate Executives; and Leaders in Industries, along with my gift of sight. Together, this has allowed me to assist where others haven't been effective.

After dying twice, my focus has also been on suicide prevention. Through my story, I've helped thousands to re-think their destiny and find a new and enlightened way forward!

This is my gift that I would like to share with you...

The gift of sight which can answer your questions and give you hope, direction and the feeling of balance in your life again!

The ability to Coach Peak Performance Athletes, Executives, the 'Average' Citizen (no one is average) and Entrepreneurs to accel like never before!

And to stop suicide in its tracks!

For 6 months I had a feeling extreme danger was close by... It turned out I was bang-on once again! 

Unbeknownst to us, our new neighbour was a 3-time convicted pedophile who entered our home with the intention to take our 2-year-old daughter from her crib. What a blessing this turned out to be! From this near miss, I was driven to amend and write laws to protect children in Canada, North America and abroad. I've actually written and implemented more laws than any other citizen in our country!

So how did I author laws while struggling with a Learning Disability (couldn't read) Every step of the way - all the debates in Parliament, with the past 4 Prime Ministers of Canada, and many of THE Top Lawyers in the land... All of what I presented and argued for was Spirit Driven and Given!

I'd have visions of whom to meet, what to say, and what points to make. And I'd win! Over and over again! All through intuition and listening to Spirit's guidance. 

14 Laws later, the media has coined me as Canada's Eric Brockovich because we both had the same LD, yet were able to change societal viewpoints and make a huge difference especially for future generations to come!














  • National Child Advocate - Founder of MMAP and Project Guardian

  • Founder of Freedom Masters Inc

In 1993 I left my career as a buddy actress / model (MacGyver and 21 Jump Street) to be a business partner with Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins. I trained with Anthony and the corporate company at ARA, to become a Master Practitioner of NLP. We were the most successful franchise of Tony's and when he speaks of how he brings a group of friends to his place in Fiji annually... I was part of starting that tradition...


The Founding Group at Namale Resort - Fiji 1993

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I was also a founding member of the very first 11:11 Stargate Opening Ceremony on June 3, 1993. And began hosting and facilitating spiritually-based Women's Workshops in 1994 and '95. Our children began to come so I was detoured for a number of years, but in 1997 I taught meditation for the Local Metro Community College in Alberta; then created Meditation Weekly Gatherings in both Dawson Creek BC and Edmonton AB Canada. These were highly successful and grew over time. In 2012 I bought a Retreat Centre in Parkland County AB where Freedom Masters Workshops was born! Eleven times/year we'd hold 3-Day Seminars that were the finest I've ever witnessed in my entire professional career as a Therapist, Counselor and Coach.

These Courses were so successful, we had a waiting-list from word-of-mouth alone. 

Today, we've expanded and moved to our own spacious, and serene Retreat Centre in Albufeira Portugal! We house a communal-style atmosphere, where teachers come from around the globe to host their courses on our property!

Personally, I still offer Freedom Masters Workshops twice per year, usually in May and November. And 11:11 Stargate Gatherings / Awakenings twice per year on the Solstice in June and December. Plus our Gathering of Awaken Minds Event brings our alive!

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