A Heart-Felt Testimonial from Naomi


A former doctor's wife who found Freedom Again!


Naomi went from a secure, stable life with two sons - to a life of divorce, betrayal, pain struggle and eventual addictions.

Naomi shares how flying to Portugal and entering into a 3-day Intensive Program at the Villa Heaven Addiction Reversal Centre (VH-ARC) with Carrie Kohan, gave her the Freedom to rise up out of the 'Haze' and step into the life she always knew was possible!


Who is Carrie Kohan and How Can She Help You?

Carrie Kohan is a 56-year-old Metaphysician, Therapist and former business partner of Tony Robbins.


She is the Int'l Best Selling Author of 'The Five Lessons of Life'.

A book that is best described as The Most Comprehensive books on Near-Death-Experiences Ever Told!



Carrie has counselled over 11,000 clients one-to-one.

Many were suicidal.

She has a 100% success rate!

Not one client in over 15 years of Service has followed through

with their previous desire to committed suicide!

Not one!



(If this is you... You MUST contact Carrie Kohan and The ARC - TODAY!)

"I took two planes and rented a car to meet and work with Carrie Kohan in Mount Shasta.

After our intensive sessions my eyes have been opened! Never again could I, or would I, think of suicide again!"

(John Doe - Member of the Disney family)

This is a Rehabilitation / Transformational Program.

To Attend 'The ARC' - the Villa Heaven Addiction Release Centre (VH-ARC) Program 

in Portugal:


Schedule an interview Here!


Suicide, Addiction, Grief Reversal!

What is included:

• All Direct Flights to and from Portugal

• Single stay - Airport Hotel if needed for lay-overs

• Personal Driver - Portugal Airport Transfers to and from Airport 

• Private, yet Supervised Accommodations at the Villa Heaven Retreat Centre

• 3 meals and 3 snacks per day

• Healthy Clean Refreshments

• Daily walks with Carrie Kohan, her Team 7/or previous Grads (depending on fitness level)

• Journal, pen, markers, incense, music - all supplies needed

• 3 Days Intensive 8 - 10 hour / day commitment

• Lights out early / Sleep in and Rest if needed.

What is required of you to begin:

• Approval from your physician (mental and physical competency to travel and attend 'the VH-ARC Program'

• Approval from Carrie Kohan - she will ONLY work with those who are 100% motivated to change!

  (Those who have hit rock bottom and know that this is their last resort! Who feel they HAVE no other choice BUT to change!!! She will Not waste your time, and expects that you will Not waste hers)

• Commitment to Follow through with exercises (all are safe and uplifting - there is NO use of shaming, blaming or belittling in your work with Carrie Kohan! You will experience an Up-Lifting Environment that is Compassionate, Loving and is all about growing your Spirit within)

• After Carrie's two deaths - she shares with those transforming, her ability to connect with their Highest State of Consciousness!

• She asks that you come to the table with a desire to live a Balanced Life, with a Higher State of Faith and Trust. (This is a Spiritually-based program - not Religious) If or when you attend - you will benefit fully from having an Open Mind, Heart and Soul to your Spiritual Possibilities and Angelic Support Systems.

• You'll need to sign in advance a Contractual Agreement of Term and Conditions prior to payment. The Agreement will include Financial Penalties if you return to addictive lifestyle. Our intention is for you to leave the ARC a new person, with all the tools needed to live the beautiful, healthy life you have been given to live!

• Payment in full must be made prior to beginning your Program. (Inquire about payment plans during your application session with Carrie Kohan or Team Members.

• Deposit and/or Payment in Full are Non Refundable. This is a fully committed Program on both sides. Once you are approved to attend, everything is set in place to meet your individual needs. You may changed your dates for arrival - ONLY if your flights have NOT been booked yet by the ARC's team.

This Intensive Program is based on a sliding scale (maximum 3 Day Program)

After completing your initial Intensive Program, we encourage Participants to stay with us for an additional week up to a maximum 3 months stay.


Here you'll explore a new way of living! A vegetarian based, healthy, balanced lifestyle! The weekly rate includes food, refreshments, exercise and daily group support sessions with Carrie Kohan and her Team. Monthly rates are available upon request. 

Once you're completed your Intensive Program, you're free to explore the countryside, beaches, and even walk daily in the town of Albufeira (30 - 45 min walk).

Register here to apply an interview with Carrie Kohan - to see if this is a fit for you...

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