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Private Sessions

Healing / Releasing / Transforming

  • Meeting with Your Spirit Guides

  • Becoming More Connected! Balanced! Motivated! Inspired!

  • Past Life Regression

  • Tarot Card and Psychic Readings

  • Spontaneous Channeled Messages

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Resolving Mysterious-Illnesses

  • Past Pain Removal

  • Answers to ETs, Being a Contactee, Abductions

  • Healing of: 

  • Emotional & Physical Trauma

  • Anxiety; Fear; Sleep Disorders 

  • Mental Anguish 

  • Psychic Attacks

  • Native Traditional Methods of Removing Hexes,Curses and Black Baskets

  • Entity Removal/Release

  • Blessings

Specialize in Empathic Energy Release

Readings & Healings


Healing Trauma Through Current and Past Lives Timeline Discovery

Your Soul Coach

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Find Happiness, Peace and Clarity Again

Carrie can help you...

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