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Private Sessions

Healing / Releasing / Transforming

  • Meeting with Your Spirit Guides

  • Becoming More Connected! Balanced! Motivated! Inspired!

  • Past Life Regression

  • Tarot Card and Psychic Readings

  • Spontaneous Channeled Messages

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Resolving Mysterious-Illnesses

  • Past Pain Removal

  • Answers to ETs, Being a Contactee, Abductions

  • Healing of: 

  • Emotional & Physical Trauma

  • Anxiety; Fear; Sleep Disorders 

  • Mental Anguish 

  • Psychic Attacks

  • Native Traditional Methods of Removing Hexes,Curses and Black Baskets

  • Entity Removal/Release

  • Blessings

Specialize in Empathic Energy Release

Readings & Healings


Healing Trauma Through Current and Past Lives Timeline Discovery

Your Soul Coach

Find Happiness, Peace and Clarity Again

Carrie can help you...

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Below are your options for gifting Carrie with a Tip of Your Choice After 

Receiving Your Session With Her.

(Many of Carrie's clients have spent years in and out of hospitals, working with 

therapists, healers, or trying every remedy under the sun to let go or be free of pain - both psychological and physical.

Many find that healing within their first 45 minute session.

A common question has been, "How can I thank you!!!"

This is our suggestion...

Now that Carrie has reduced her fees from $3000/mo, 

to starting at $49/session, we have created a further option 

for Carrie's clients...

The Gratitude Tip

If you feel you received value for your money with your Private Session 

and would like to leave Carrie and her team a Tip...


Please choose the tip below

(or combination of tips to add up to the sum of your choice)

Every gift is appreciated.

It is a kind expression of saying Thank You! 

And Carrie and her staff certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness very much!

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