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Carrie Kohan

Your Soul Coach

Unlock Your Belief Blocks & 'Let Your Light Shine On'

Carrie Kohan's


 Online Course!

Based on the International Best Selling Book

The Five Lessons of Life!

Carrie Kohan

Your Soul Coach

A Total Transformation!

Are You Ready to Experience...

Imagine if you could....

  • Uncover and Release your Blocks;

  • Revive your Dreams 

  • And Transform your Soul with a uniquely designed program... where you'll step out of your 'Heart Wall' to Living Freely with your Empowered 'Smart Wall' 

Imagine Breaking through self-sabotage and defeating self-talk, to Planning and Getting TOTALLY Excited about your FUTURE!​

With the 5 Lessons of Life, you will learn to...

  • Embrace & Love Yourself Fully!

  • Find your self-worth!

  • Heal Past Pain!

  • Create a Map and Game Plan for your Soul's Journey!

  • Design a long term plan for your Dream Life!

  • Feel supported on Your Path!

  • Feel Gratitude like NEVER Before!

  • And walk with your Chin UP, shoulders back, and love in your heart for all you come to meet and spend time with - including yourself!

This is a pre-recorded program takes you through the experience of the Five Lessons of Life, as described in the book... Carrie will personally take you by the hand and walk you through this safe, enlightening and Spirit-Opening process. The 5LOL is specifically designed to give you the GREATEST benefits with the shortest time invested! Each session is no longer than 20 minutes in length and was shared to produce lifelong improvements in your world!

You will receive a mind-blowing 45 minute guided session with Carrie that will get you started and open to all possibilities!​

This Incredibly Life-Changing Program is chock-full of nuggets of wisdom and insights!

If you were to spend this same amount of time with Carrie over the next month in person, the value would be $11,137.50

This Extraordinary Program

is Yours for



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