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Do You Wish to Delve Deep into Your Dreams and Desires?
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Make a Difference!

Welcome to the Inaugural Event for



          i-Net Global Gatherings


December 27, 2019 - January 2, 2020

This is the answer to a calling to bring Link-Minded, Spiritually Open Souls together

who are LEADERS in their chosen professions, and who have a desire to make a difference on a Global Scale!

Imagine being part of this 7-day Event in Portugal,

where creative and magical minds unite with the purpose to share what they are 'downloading';

to speak about their visions that they feel are pertinent to healing humanity and the planet as a whole,

and to also speak about their discoveries!

By sharing these insights with other Global Leaders, we can speed heal this world for generations to come!

How did i-Net Global Gatherings begin?

In 1994, Carrie hosted a 'Leaders Without a Leader' Event at her Retreat Centre in High River Alberta Canada. With very little notice, internationally known Folk Singers and Musicians, Motivational Speakers, Authors, Spiritual Leaders, Artists, and New Thought Ministers just seemed to show up! It was a powerful event with open discussions, great vegetarian food, long walks, and the music was down-right incredible! Together we nourished our minds, hearts and Souls.



After a series of dreams, Carrie decided to build another Spiritually based Leaders without a Leader Gathering at her Retreat Centre in Portugal...

Hence the birth of

i-Net Global Gatherings!

The 'International Network of Global Gatherings'

is for the Purpose of

Loving, Healing, and Open-Minded Thoughts that (when shared)

will benefit the Planet and all its inhabitants for the Best and Highest Good

for all concerned

Those who feel drawn to come to the

i-Net Global Gatherings

will attend not as a speaker or performer, but as a delegate...

Where collaboration is valued over credentials,

and discussions over lectures. 

Everyone who is invited to i-Net speaks and shares their thoughts

in an informal or formal gathering...

It is your choice of how you'd like to set up your room!

From a circle of chairs over a cup of coffee, to theatre-style presentations.

It's all up to you

Not only is the gathering a place for those who possess the main objective of, "How can we contribute to improving our global path, and create a healthy future", but it is also a community of Spiritually based Leaders who will nurture this gathering and allow it to flourish. 

i-Net's Objective is to be a Spiritually-based Master-Mind-Gym for Speakers, Global Citizens, Visionaries, Authors, Forward Thinkers, Advocates, Artists, Philanthropists, Seers, Healers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in their chosen Profession(s), who will come together to share their thoughts, give a talk, and set the intention to grow from each other's thoughts, words and connections... To bring back to their Communities and Tribes the knowledge shared, and wisdom gathered.

Think of the 'Group of 7' on a much larger scale!

This is a Live, Invite-Only Event!

And will be held this New Years Eve in Portugal 2019!

The event will be held in sunny Portugal, at the Villa Heaven Retreat Centre! 




One of 4 Villas in the privately secured compound of Villa Heaven Retreats!

This is an intimate group of like-minded Souls - 40 speakers max.

Price includes your private room to speak and share your topic of choice; all breakfasts and lunches; plus Friday night's dinner; shared accommodations (private rooms are available) and 4 heated pools to choose from! The land at the Retreat Centre is sacred and has natural fairy circles, vortexes and a rooftop balcony with a 360-degree view of the most peaceful landscape... 

We are also a 15-minute walk

or 4-minute drive, 

to 4 of THE best beaches in all of the Algarve!






Additional Options: choices of excursions or a shopping/dining trip into 'Old Town Albufeira'

Event is only: €250 


(Includes 7-days of the Meeting of Minds (and Hearts); Most Meals; Workshop Space; Whiteboards;

Meditation areas; Morning Yoga/Walks; Yoga Mat; and 4 heated pools to choose from!

Room Choices will be offered to those attending

          Shared Accommodations: €50/night

Private Room: €100/night


(why all the 3's and 33's? Because 33 represents the Master Teacher. This individual's focus is on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. They are not concerned with personal ambition and have great devotion to cause. This is who we are at i-Net Global Gatherings)

If you'd like to accept an invitation sent; or recommend a contributor/speaker/musician/participant,

please email us below.


(If you'd like to come earlier than the event, and/or stay longer at the Villa Heaven Retreat Center please request additional dates when making your application; as well, state whether you'd like a private room or shared)

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