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Carrie Kohan's

Mystery School


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Week 1 - Mystery School Academy Intro

The Secret to Mastering Meditation

Week 2 - Mystery School Academy 

Heart Wall to Smart Wall

Week 3 - Mystery School Academy 


Week 4 - Mystery School Academy 

Abraham Hicks

Morning Ritual - Start Your Day With This Video!

(I march around the house with a smile on my face! Great Way to Start the Day! Carrie)

Week 5 - Mystery School Academy 

How To Muscle Test YOURSELF!!! For Health & Wellness, through Yes & No Questions!

Week 6 - Mystery School Academy 

How to Protect Yourself Using the Harmonic Shield!

Learn another tool especially effective for Empaths and

Highly Sensitive Persons, on how to protect yourself from Energy Vampires;

As well as how to build up your energetic field, your feeling of confidence

and self-empowerment!

Week 7 - Mystery School Academy 

How To Remove Psychic Attack Energy

A Personal Experience and Guided Meditation - Carrie Kohan

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During this Lockdown, Carrie Kohan invites you to join her in re-discovering who you are and what you're capable of!


Carrie discovered her own the gifts of being Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient, since birth... At the age of 3, Carrie started having OBE's and was able to Astral-Travel, Hear Guidance, and follow Light-Trails while Remote Viewing. Carrie has been visited by many Angels in her lifetime. As well, she has met with Creator, Jesus, the Counsel of Men, Alcazar, Lazarus, ETs and many more. 

As an Initiate and then Apprentice, Carrie studied daily under her Mentor and Guide, Saint Catherine - A Spirit who arrived when Carrie was 17-years-old, and taught her much of what she knows today. Catherine helped Carrie open up and become an Advocate - creating societal changes and during her 17 year career as a volunteer National Child Advocate - where Carrie helped to amend and write 14 laws to protect children from harm as a Federal Gov't Witness and World Renowned Expert.

Carrie is Metis - meaning she is French, Cree and Ojibwe (Aboriginal). She has been taught by Cree Elders, the Loving side of the mirrored Real-I.T. (reality). The Elders taught her how to Read Palms, Remote View, Astral Travel and 'See' through the eyes of an Owl (Her Totem). Carrie's focus is always about Love, Peace, Harmony, Gratitude and the 'Five Lessons of Life' (The title of her International Best Selling book) 

Carrie is giving away ALL of her knowledge for free in this Mystery School Academy because it is time for Humanity to Rise Up and to Transcend into a higher state of Consciousness! 

'It is time we walked in the Light of Eternal Spirit (God, Allah, Shiva, Grandfather Spirit, the Divine, the Universe... Whatever name you choose to walk with) It is time we walked in this Life-Force with Faith, Trust, Discernment, and Conviction... 

"Let's step into using more then 3% of our brains... It's time we opened up and Let Our Light Shine On!" Carrie Kohan

Since the Global Lockdown, Carrie Kohan has been guided to give away her knowledge to all those who desire to grow Spiritually in every aspects of their lives! And who need concentrated focus with a mentor/metaphysician in order to achieve and advance their Spiritual Connection and levels of Enlightenment!

Carrie is offering this free Program to those who have set an intention to Evolve!


She desires to work with those

  • who are motivated to connect with the Infinite Divine Source Energy,

  • those open hearted and respectful of ALL faiths, religions and beliefs 

  • wanting to learn and expand their horizons 

  • who seek to nurture their highest and truest expression of Self

  • and with those who have had unexplainable experiences and want to learn more!

  • Those who are intuitive, psychic, or have always known they were 'different' for the norm.

Kohan works with those who humbly desire to be in service to their own higher calling in life - it is her wish to help you unfold your layers of possibilities through loving thoughts and words with grace and ease...




Carrie is a Helper... If you're motivated, she will Help you through your journey, using all the Gifts she's been blessed to share, and insights given.

This is the ultimate Life's University Program to Be Your Best and Ideal Spiritual Self

(while having the most Amazing Human Experience!)


Welcome to the 

Mystery School Academy


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(the ARC)

in the Sunshine Coast of

Albufeira, Portugal!

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