SpiritSong Retreat!

May 13-17, 2020

Villa Heaven Retreat Centre, Albufeira, Portugal

It's the Union of Creating a Whole New Paradigm!

Join Carrie and Susie and create magic in this time of Awakening!

  • Tribal Heart Song Harmony Workshops
  • Voice Activation
  • The Living Instrument vocal journey
  • DreamSong Yoga Nidra
  • Soulful Sound Journey Concert
  • The Alchemy of Song exploration playshop
  • Improvised/channelled music-of-the-moment accompanying sessions led by Caz


WHAT IS SpiritSong?

“SpiritSong is an organic experience in the celebration of the power of collaboration and community”

SpiritSong is what everything is made up of. It’s the vibration of sound and music combined with the beating heart of our Souls. It’s a song of (and for) the masses- that unites all in a vibration of love. “Excerpt from ‘The Five Lessons of Life’ by Carrie Kohan”

SpiritSong came as a message during a NDE in 1993, and its time to be invoked has finally come!

More Info

About Carrie Kohan

Carrie Kohan is the owner of Villa Heaven Retreat Centre and an International Best-Selling Author of ‘The Five Lessons of Life’. She a 30+ year course facilitator, psychic/medium, channeller, and metaphysician. Carrie is a former business partner of motivational speakers Tony Robbins and Joel Bauer. She’s built 3 multi-million-dollar companies and has amended 14 laws to protect children. As an Indigenous Metis woman and two-time Near-Death-Experiencer, Carrie returned from death with the five lessons of life - which she shares in workshops, talks and events. She believes her sole purpose as an Aboriginal Elder is now to assist in the raising of our global consciousness and expansion our collective compassion, love, faith, trust, forgiveness, understanding and universal knowledge.

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About Susie Ro

Susie Ro is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice coach, composer for choirs, ceremonial singer and Yoga Nidra teacher. She tours internationally with her popular harmony singing workshops, soulful concerts, retreats, improvisation weekends, DreamSong evenings and teacher training courses, sharing her heart-felt music and joy of singing together wherever she goes.

"Singing together is an advanced technology that brings us, almost instantaneously out of our heads and into our hearts" - Susie Ro

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Villa Heaven Retreat Centre

The location for the gathering is in beautiful Albufeira, Portugal at the Villa Heaven Retreat Centre. A Spiritual property where like minded can gather and share in their gifts, insights and wisdom with one another.

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SpiritSong Retreat Pricing: €222

May 13-17th, 2020 Villa Heaven Retreat Centre, Albufeira, Portugal
  • Walks/Hikes to 4 of the best Beaches in the Algarve! (12-20 minutes away)
  • Continental Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Water, Tea and Coffee


Villa Heaven Retreat Centre offers Private, Shared Rooms, Cots, and camping areas. Bookings are first come, first served.

Private Room with ensuite: €50/night (based on double occupancy)

Private Room with shared bath €44/night (based on double occupancy)

Shared room & shared bath: €35/night/person

Cot in common living area: €20/night/person

Participants are responsible for their own evening meals.


Reservations are available by phone: +44 1325 776 420 or email bookings@villaheaven.co

Terms and Conditions