Lets Bend

Spoons Together!


Learn the 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Spoon Bender!

Have you ever wondered, 'How do people bend spoons?"

Is it a trick or deceptive magic?

The photo you see above are the first two spoons Carrie bent ever! She did this after waking up from a dream where she was bending spoons, forks, and transforming metal into gold... Nice dream right? :) 

So... She gave it a try!

What she learned VERY quickly was there are some strong do's and don'ts when it comes to alchemy work!

In fact, the second time Carrie bent spoons, she cut herself badly and she'll explain why and how to avoid this yourself...

Carrie will show you how you can tap into their own Fundamental Qi or Prana Energy and be a Spoon Bender yourself!

Soon you'll be sharing your new gift with others, demonstrating what was once thought to be impossible!

"People used to believe it was impossible to run the 4 Minute Mile until Roger Bannister came along! 

Today High School Students are achieving this!

So join Carrie Kohan and discover what you're capable of!

If this petite woman can do it - so can you! Let her show you how!

The world is waking up to what is possible physically... But so too, we are waking up to what is possible

with the

Power of Your Mind!

What You'll Get

  1. Video #1 - Three Basic Steps to Stilling Your Mind

  2. Video #2 - Tools and Preparation to Spoon Bending 101

  3. Video #3 - Technique 1: The Five Breathes to Being a Spoon Bender!

  4. Video #4 - Technique 2: Will it to Bend

  5. Video #5 - What to Do Next, Now That YOU"RE a Fellow SPOON BENDER! 💌

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