5D vs 5G

                                              We are coming to discover more and more we are living in                                   an illusion...

                             The question is, do you choose 5D vs 5G? 

                              Some say, ' This feels like a race in 'time'...

                         But it's not a race at all.

               It's a Wake-Up Call!

                                 Many of you have seen the Schuhmann resonance (the heart beat of the                                     world! Measuring our collective intentions, and energetic force fields. The                                   more we meditate collectively for communal love, peace, harmony & joy!


                                 The more we bare witness to our energy raising the collective's vibratory                                   rate - bringing us all into a higher state of consciousness) This science-based measurement confirms the ascension of Earth and humanity as a whole is taking place at

an accelerated rate!

We are Transcending from the 3rd Dimension into a 4th and 5th Dimension with ease and grace! Hallelujah!


As our body’s vibration and frequencies change to match the vibratory level of Earth, we will feel many different shifts in our bodies, minds and Spirits...


You may feel symptoms such as:


•your ears ringing,

•pressure on your head or collarbones (like you're wearing a helmet),




•waking up in the middle of the night at the same time constantly,

•people from the past coming forward and giving you the opportunity to heal past pains,

•coincidences (a lot of them),

•wake up calls such as 11:11 or 222, or white feathers and silver dimes,

•burping and tummy shifts,

•body aches (growing pains),

•Seeing everything pixilated,

•seeing dark shadows zooming past you out of the corner of your eyes,

•seeing eyes staring at you when you close your eyes, feeling ghosts / spirits in your presence, hearing voices/guidance,

•cooling feeling in your ears - like you're being lifted up by the ears...

•the phone rings and no one is there, or you hear a deceased loved ones voice

•Angels reveal themselves to you

•and more...

If you're experience a sensation of something odd happening with you,


(And you've checked out with your doctor and you seem to be healthy (they can't find the origin of your 'illness')

Then consider practicing these connective and grounding techniques and begin a daily practice of meditations. Also consider joining us on our 16 week Mystery School Academy and get the goods on what this world is all about, and how YOU can be a part of this global transcendence and gerotranscendence shift!


(The theory of gerotranscendence is as a transition from a materialistic and rationalistic perspecti­ve to a more cos­mic and trans­cendent view of life accompanying the pro­cess of ageing. This transition implies a redefinition of time, place, life, death and of the self… leading to significant changes in the way of perceiving self, relationships, purpose and other people and life as a whole)


So what do you need to do if you're experiencing these types of 'Shifts'...


• Connect with nature! (If you can't go out - then connect with a plant inside your home, or watch a video of someone walking through nature and pretend you're with them. Smell the pine, hear the birds or waves of the ocean. Smell the fresh cut grass... Be there in nature in your mind! You have NO limits!)


• Ground yourself! Walk barefoot daily! Go lay in the sun - naked if possible and soak up the goodness! (If you can't get out, lay on your floor in the shafts of sunlight coming through your window. Lay flat with no pillow, and soak up the sunshine. Again, listen to a recording on YouTube of the ocean and pretend you are on the sand or on a rock near at the edge of the ocean. Feel the sand in your hands... Pretend and be there in your mind...

• Ground yourself with the Earth's Grid and healing vibrations. Feel the connection to Mother Earth. Speak with the trees, flowers, dirt, insects, birds, plants, water, mountains - hear their loving messages for you.


• Breathe! Learn to breathe properly! Join us in the Mystery School and practice breath work to clear your mind, sinuses, open your lungs and heart chakras, and boost your lymphatic and immune system fully!

• Cleanse your system! Drink lots of water! Add real lemon if you can.

• Release yourself from the belief of 'needing' animal products or animal proteins. By consuming meat, you are intergrating utter fear, trauma, and terror into your system on every level. In order to be free to grow Spiritually, we must stop ingesting the energy of traumatized animals and their bi-products such as milk puss. To be in alignment with pure energy and thought, you must be willing to release all past trauma, stories and food that no longer (and does not) serve you, for your highest and purest vibration.


• Eat fresh whole foods, vegetables, some fruits, beans, rice and legumes

• Eat raw plant foods at least once per day (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) :D

• Invite more JOY into your life! Dance in the kitchen!

• Sing to HAPPY songs that lift your heart!

• Cook to your favourite genre of music, i.e., Motown, Beatles, or Classical!

• Keep a Journal and write 3 pages every morning or every night - do your 'Morning Pages' or 'Evening Pages'


• Keep a Journal at your bedside and when you wake in the middle of the night - WRITE!


• Clean Up Your HOME! Clear out the clutter (trapped energy), and feel the satisfaction of having less (trapped energy) and more freedom. Take a deep breathe in of your new, lovely, clean, fresh environment


• Clean up your body energetically with our 'Empath Meditation' - Week 3 of our MSA.


• Be Creative! Paint! Write! Dance! Sculpt! Build! Weave! Draw! Simply Create and allow Creator's love to flow through your mind and hands...


• If you can't cursive write - LEARN! This is essential in the flow of messages from Spirit through you onto paper... (Automatic writing)


• Use salt baths, massage oils, pure essential oils (I personally love doterra oils)


• Set the intention daily to be Happy! To do something kind for yourself and others! To seek joy and release all other thoughts that no longer serve you...


These shifts you are experiencing, along with the intended practices to raise your frequency, contribute with ease and grace to your ascension process.


Science says we use between 3 - 5 % of our brain capacity... And now they are discovering our brains are not even the source of our memories or thoughts... (Imagine that! Could it have something to do with cellular memory and our Energetic Force-Fields perhaps? lol Something mystics and healers have knows for eons! :D )

Imagine, if we were to use 15% of our brains? Or 50% capacity? Telepathy would be one of the basic building blocks in the first 10% of grey-matter use... Many of us have already experienced forms of thought transference - if not full blown sessions of conversations with friends on the other side of the planet! (If you'd like examples of this - join us in the Mystery School... I have plenty!)

By focusing on bettering yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually, you will effect the whole planet and all occupants / participants without effort. And together we will collectively transcend into a new paradigm of consciousness!


5G is soon to be unnecessary, as we lift into the state of 5D where much more is possible... Remember you are an Infinite Being of Possibilities. It's time we let our Light Shine On...


See you today in Week Two of Mystery School Academy (Every Saturday at 11am PST a new video is released)


Here's Week One - Your Introduction and 1st Meditation... Enjoy!

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